National Park Service
Mesa Verde National Park Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde's largest cliff dwelling


Letter of Transmittal

Site of the ruin

Recent history

General features

  Major antiquities
Plazas and courts
Construction of walls
Secular rooms
    Doors and windows
    Floors and roofs
    Kiva A
    Kiva B
    Kivas C and D
    Kiva E
    Kiva F
    Kiva G
    Kiva H
Circular rooms other than kivas
Ceremonial room other than kiva
Mortuary room
Small ledge-houses
    Minor antiquities
    Ceramic areas
        Hopi area
        Little Colorado area
        Mesa Verde area
Stone implements
    Grinding stones
    Pounding stones
    Cylinder of polished hematite
Wooden objects
    Sticks tied together
    Miscellaneous objects
Bone implements
Lignite gorget
Corn, beans, and squash seeds
Hoop-and-pole game
Leather and skin objects
Absence of objects showing European culture


Index (omitted from the online edition)



1. Ground-plan of Spruce-tree House.
2a, 2b. The ruin, from the northwest and the west.
3a, 3b. Plaza D.
4a, 4b. The ruin, from the south end.
5. The ruin, from the south.
6a, 6b. Rooms 11-24.
7. The ruin, from the north end.
8. North end of the ruin, showing masonry pillar.
9a, 9b. A roof and a street.
10a, 10b. The ruin from the south end, showing rooms and plaza.
11a, 11b. Kiva D.
12. Kiva D, from the north.
13a, 13b. Interiors of two kivas.
14a, 14b. Central part of ruin, and kiva.
15. Diagrams of kiva, showing construction.
16. Decorated food-bowls.
17. Decorated food-bowls.
18. Decorated food-bowls.
19. Decorated vase and mugs.
20a, 20b. Decorated bowl and canteen.
21a, 21b, 21c. Stone implements.


1. Lid of jar
2. Repaired pottery
3. Handle with attached cord
4. Ladle
5. Handle of mug
6. Fragment of pottery
7. Zigzag ornament
8. Sinistral and dextral stepped figures
9. Triangle ornament
10. Meander
11. Stone axes
12. Stone ax with handle
13. Stone pigment-grinder
14. Fragment of basket
15. Sticks tied together
16. Wooden slab
17. Spindle and whorl
18. Ceremonial sticks
19. Primitive fire-stick
20. Wooden needle
21. Belt
22. Headband
23. End of headband
24. Head ring
25. Yucca-fiber cloth with attached feathers
26. Woven cord
27. Agave fiber tied in loops
28. Woven moccasin
29. Fragment of sandal
30. Hair-brush
31. Bone implements
32. Dirk and cedar-bark sheath
33. Bone implement
34. Bone scraper
35. Bone scraper
36. Hoop used in hoop-and-pole game
37. Portion of leather moccasin
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