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Mesa Verde National Park Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde's largest cliff dwelling


Letter of Transmittal


Cliff Palace a type of prehistoric culture

Recent history

Site of Cliff Palace

Prehistoric trails to Cliff Palace

General features

   Destruction by the elements
   Repair of walls
   Major antiquities

General plan of Cliff Palace

   Terraces and retaining walls
   Tower quarter
   Plaza quarter
   Old quarter
   Northern quarter
   Adobe bricks
   Paintings and rock markings
   Refuse heaps
   Secular rooms
   Doors and windows
   Floors and roofs
   Living rooms
   Milling rooms
   Ledge rooms

Enumeration of the rooms in Cliff Palace

   Secular rooms
      Kivas of the first type
         Kiva A
         Kiva B
         Kiva C
         Kiva D
         Kiva E
         Kiva F
         Kiva G
         Kiva H
         Kiva I
         Kiva J
         Kiva K
         Kiva L
         Kiva N
         Kiva P
         Kiva Q
         Kiva S
         Kiva T
         Kiva U
         Kiva V
      A subtype of kivas (Kiva M)
      Kivas of the second type
         Kiva O
         Kiva R
         Kiva W

Minor antiquities

   Stone implements
      Pounding stones
      Grinding stones
      Miscellaneous stones
      Relations as determined by pottery
      Symbols on pottery
      Pottery rests
   Wooden objects
   Bone implements
   Turquoise ear pendants and other objects

Human burials




1. Cliff Palace, from the Speaker-chief's house to the southern end
2. Cliff Palace, from the opposite side of the canyon
3a, 3b. The southern end, after and before repairing
4. Central part before repairing
5a, 5b. The round tower, from the north. General view of the ruin, before repairing
6. Central part, after repairing
7. Southern end, after repairing
8. Ground plan
9a, 9b. Main entrance. Southern end, showing repaired terraces
10a, 10b. Tower quarter, after repairing. Terraces at southern end, after repairing
11. Tower quarter
12a, 12b. The square tower, before and after repairing
13a, 13b. Details of Cliff Palace
14a, 14b. Square tower, after repairing. Old quarter
15. Speaker-chief's house, after repairing
16. Northern part, from the Speaker-chief's house to the western end
17a, 17b. Details of kiva A
18a, 18b. Kiva H, before repairing
19. Southeastern wall of kiva Q, before repairing
20. Axe with original handle
21a, 21b. Stone hatchets
22a, 22b. Stone objects
23a, 23b, 23c. Various objects from Cliff Palace
24a, 24b. Food bowls
25a, 25b, 25c. Vases and food bowls
26a, 26b. Pottery 27a, 27b. Pitch balls and vase
28. Rests for jars
29a, 29b. Basket hopper—side and bottom views
30a, 30b. Sandals
31. Sandals
32. Sandals
33a, 33b, 33c. Wooden objects
34. Bone implements
35. Bone implements


1. View down Navaho canyon
2. Coil of basket plaque
3. Planting sticks
4. Woven forehead band
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