Logging Railroads of the Lincoln National Forest, New Mexico








The Main Line
Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railway


Alamogordo Lumber Company
Sacramento Mountain Lumber Company
Southwest Lumber Company
Cloudcroft Lumbar and Land Company
George E. Breece Lumber Company


The Nature of Logging Railroads
Civil Engineering
Shays, Heislers and Rod Lokeys
Locomotive Rosters





1. An interesting early view showing most of the railroad between Toboggan and Cloudcroft

2. The steepest part of the A&SM was the last five miles to Cloudcroft

3. SP 2507 charging up the grade at Bailey's with a string of empty log cars, ca. 1936

4. A train of empties passing over the "S" trestle, ca. 1936

5. The Cloudcroft Lodge was rebuilt as seen here in 1910-1911

6. Engineer F. M. Weldy was killed when locomotive 184 ran away

7. The last scheduled train stopped briefly at Wooten tank, September 12, 1947

8. Railroads in the vicinity of Cloudcroft

9. Water tank and engine house in James Canyon, ca. 1900-1902

10. Alamogordo Lumber company steam log loader at work ca. 1899

11. Alamogordo Lumber Company Shay geared locomotive and train loading logs

12. Alamogordo Lumber Company logging camp, probably in Russia Canyon, April 21, 1907

13. The A&SM ended at Russia Canyon

14. Sacramento Mountain Lumber Co. camp at Hudman's, 1.8 miles north of Russia

15. Sacramento Mountain Lumber Co. railroad through Douglas fir cutting on Benson Ridge

16. Sacramento Mountain Lumber Co. logging railroads south of Russia

17. Louis Carr, owner of Southwest Lumber Company and Lincoln N.F. Supervisor Arthur

18. Southwest Lumber Company railroads around Penasco Canyon show sidehill construction

19. Logging crew with horses going into the woods from Water Canyon

20. Caterpillar tractor and hydraulic arch hauling logs

21. Skidding logs to railroad landing with Caterpillar tractor

22. The SWLCo extension south of Penasco Canyon used a series of switchbacks

23. The SWLCo railroad climbed out of Wills Canyon

24. Aerial photo of Hay Canyon switchbacks

25. Southwest Lumber Co. yards at Alamogordo

26. Lumberyard and sawmill of Penasco Lumber Co., four miles south of Russia

27. Log train passing the wye track in Cloudcroft

28. Logging camp at confluence of Brown and Cathey Canyons

29. George E. Breece Lumber Co. sawmill and Texas-Louisiana Power Company steam power plant

30. Skidding logs with hydraulic arch and Caterpillar tractor

31. Log landing and cut over slope on Mescalero Apache Reservation

32. George E. Breece Lumber Co. loader working at landing on Mescalero Apache Reservation

33. Cooper's logging camp in Silver Spring Canyon, Mescalero Apache Reservation

34. Alamogordo & Sacramento Mountain Railroad S—curves to gain elevation below High Rolls

35. Typical rail section

36. Typical turnout design

37. Detail of Mexican Canyon trestle, ca. 1936

38. Log train on the "S" trestle below Cloudcroft, ca. 1910

39. Alamogordo & Sacramento Mountain Railway locomotive in its original wood burning condition

40. Shay patent geared locomotive, number 105, pulled a 334-ton train of 41 empty log cars

41. Southwest Lumber Company log train near Russia hauled by Shay locomotive number

42. Southwest Lumber Company loading logs in Water Canyon

43. George E. Breece Lumber Co. log train leaving Landing

44. Loads of twenty foot logs on the Alamogordo & Sacramento Mountain Railway

45. Dedication Day of the A&SM, celebrated at Toboggan on November 16, 1898

46. An excursion train ready to leave Cloudcroft, ca. 1909

47. A down-bound EP&SW mixed train on the Mexican Canyon trestle below Cloudcroft

48. SP 2506 standing on the "S" trestle below Cloudcroft, ca. 1936

49. Locomotive SP 2507 pulling upgrade at Bailey's Canyon ca. 1936

50. Picking up logs at chute terminal in Hubbell Canyon on Southwest Lumber Company railroad

51. Unloading logs at Southwest Lumber Co. mill pond at Alamogordo

52. Log chute or skidway in action, with boy "greasing the skids."

53. Log skidway along Southwest Lumber Co. railroad in Hubbell Canyon

54. Mule team skidding logs in winter on the Alamogordo Lumber Company

55. SP 2510, derailed as a result of a broken lead truck axle


1. Standard Rail Weights and Dimensions

2. Locomotives of the Alamogordo & Sacramento Mountain Railway

3. El Paso & Northeastern Railroad; El Paso & Southwestern Railroad Southern Pacific Company

4. Logging Locomotives of the Alamogordo Lumber Company, 1898-1916: Sacramento Mountain Lumber Company, 1916-1920: and Southwest Lumber Company, 1920-1945

5. Logging Locomotives of the Cloudcroft Lumber and Land Company, 1924-1926 and George E. Breece Lumber Company, 1926-1940

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