Selected Papers From The 1983 And 1984 George Rogers Clark Trans-Appalachian Frontier History Conferences
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Letter #1 by Johnny D. Neal

Letter #2 by Dr. Phillip M. Summers

Preface by Robert J. Holden

"Unjust Encroachments:" British and French Territorial Claims in North America to 1763 by Linda Carlson Sharp

Mobilizing for War: Logistics and the British War Effort in the West, 1775-1783 by D. R. Farrell

Redcoats on the Frontier: The King's Regiment in the Revolutionary War by William L. Potter

The Spanish Attack on Fort St. Joseph by William Collins

Military Architecture on the American Frontier by David A. Simmons

Problems of Frontier Logistics in St. Clair's 1791 Campaign by Patrick J. Furlong

"Michel Brouillet, 1774-1838: A Vincennes Fur Trader, Interpreter, and Scout" by Richard Day

Pioneer Stereotypes by Robert W. McCluggage

The 1983 and 1984 George Rogers Clark Trans-Appalachian Frontier History Conferences were sponsored by the National Park Service and Vincennes University. This publication was printed by Vincennes University Printing Center with a donation from the Eastern National Park and Monument Association. It was manufactured in the United States of America.

The illustrations and cover drawing were done by Richard Day.

Copyright © 1985 by the Eastern National Park & Monument Association.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 85 - 80989

ISBN: 0-915992-32-9

Copies of this publication are for sale by the Eastern National Park & Monument Association, George Rogers Clark National Historical Park, 401 South Second Street, Vincennes, Indiana 47591.

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