The Early Days:
A Sourcebook of Southwestern Region History — Book 1



Cover: An open pine forest covering Smith's Butte, Tusayan National Forest, October 18, 1913. Photo by A. Gaskill. This publication is part of a Southwestern Region series detailing the cultural resources of the Region.





Editor's Foreword


Setting The Scene


National Forests

The Waha Memorandum

The Fred Winn Papers

Personal Stories

Fred Arthur
Leon F. Kneipp
Richard H. Hanna
Tom Stewart
Frank E. Andrews
Roscoe G. Willson
Henry L. Benham
Elliott S. Barker
Lewis Pyle
Robert Springfel
C. V. Shearer
F. Lee Kirby
William H. Woods
Edward G. Miller
Henry Woodrow
Benton S. Rogers
Jesse I. Bushnell
John D. Guthrie

Apache Ranger Meeting

Short Histories

Over Historic Ground by John D. Guthrie
History of Datil National Forest (Anon.)
History of Grazing on the Tonto, by Fred Croxen


Fred W. Croxen
Quincy Randles
Fred Merkle
Edward Ancona
Morton C. Cheney
Stanley F. Wilson
Paul Roberts


1. National Forests in District 3 in 1908


1. Santa Fe Forest Reserve Office in 1902

2. The first Ranger meeting, in 1903 on the Gila Forest Reserve

3. Gila Supervisor McClure and Forest Officers in 1903

4. Old Bear Canyon Ranger Station. Gila National Forest in 1907

5. Supervisor McGlone, Chiricahua N. F. in 1904

6. Tonto Supervisor's cottage at Roosevelt in 1913

7. The combined Gila and Datil Ranger Meeting at Silver City in 1908

8. Heinie Merker dressed in his "choke bores" about 1924

9. Supervisors meeting in 1906

10. Forest Assistant W. H. B. Kent, 1905, on the Huachuca Forest Reserve

11. Hinderer Ranch, January 1914. Prescott headquarters

12. Ranger Tom Stewart on the road in Pecos Valley in 1903

13. Santa Fe Forest Supervisor Frank Andrews in 1932

14. Pack burrows loaded and ready to go in Tumacacori Mountains, 1937

15. The original platform lookout on Bill Williams Mountain

16. Ft. Bayard Forest Nursery, 1906

17. A cloth sack sign with forest fire warning

18. Ranger R. L. Ground counting sheep on the Carson

19. Ranger Richard G. Moore, circa 1903

20. Good woodland range, Grant County, New Mexico

21. Saginaw and Manistee logging locomotive

22. Table and fireplace at Rio Gallinas Campground

23. First decade Forest Rangers with tents and campfire

24. Mogollon, N.M. in 1905, showing deforestation

25. Examination for Forest Rangers at Springerville, 1909

26. Barfoot Tower, Chiricahuas, 1929

27. Sea of Ponderosa pine timber . . . looking at a smoke

28. Timber reconnaissance party, 1910

29. A "Crossing Permit"

30. Early day horse work on the Apache

31. Honeymoon Ranger Station, Apache National Forest

32. Honeymoon Ranger Station barn and corral

33. New Beaverhead Ranger Station. Datil National Forest in 1923

34. A steam loader on a railway car, 1902

35. Moving a logging camp cabin by rail, 1904

36. Logging with big wheels

37. Skidding logs on the Carson

38. A "rolling machine shop" at work

39. Fort Valley Ranger meeting, 1913

40. Apache Indians on Santa Catalina Mountain

41. An old wooden sentinel tower on the Chiricahua division

42. Ranger O. B. Beckstrom on Abe

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