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(also see Anacostia ParkCarter G. Woodson Home National Historic SiteCivil War Defenses of WashingtonFort Dupont ParkFort Foote ParkFort Washington ParkFrederick Douglass National Historic SiteGreenbelt ParkHarmony HallKenilworth Park & Aquatic GardensMary McLeod Bethune Council House National Historic SiteOxon Cove Park & Oxon HillPiscataway Park)

Beyond the Capital of Washington, D.C., National Capital Parks-East is 13 park sites, parkways and statuary covering more than 8,000 acres of historic, cultural, and recreational parklands from Capitol Hill to the nearby Maryland suburbs.

Anacostia Park
Baltimore-Washington Parkway
Capitol Hill Parks
Carter G. Woodson Home NHS
Civil War Defenses of Washington - Fort Circle Parks
Fort Dupont Park
Fort Foote Park
Fort Washington Park
Frederick Douglass NHS
Greenbelt Park
Harmony Hall
Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens
Langston Golf Course
Mary McLeod Bethune Council House NHS
Oxon Cove Park/Oxon Hill Farm
Piscataway Park
Potomac Heritage Trail
Sewall Belmont House and Museum
Shepherd Parkway

Source: NPS Website (2020)

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Newspaper (Beyond the Capital)

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2008: SummerWinterCalendar of Events: Winter/Spring

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