Centennial Mini-Histories of the Forest Service

1 The First Environmental History
2 Forests, Parks, and State Forestry
3 Origins of the Conservation Movement
4 Congress Initiates Forest Study
5 First Government Forest Reserves in the Hemisphere
6 Big Game, Wildlife, and Other Conservation Causes
7 Rise of the Technocrats: Experts, Managers, and Politics
8 Early Forestry Schools: Rise of a New Profession
9 Early State Forestry Efforts
10 The Economic Legacy of Early Foresters
11 Women's Clubs and Conservation
12 Reserve Act and Congress: Passage of the 1891 Act
13 Forest Reserves and Forest Rangers
14 American Indians and Forest Management
15 Forest Transfer Act of 1905
16 The Weeks Act and Eastern Forests
17 The Forest Service and the Civilian Conservation Corps
18 First Resource Debate: Sheep in the Forests
19 Wilderness and Recreation in the National Forest System
20 Conservation and Forest Products
21 Mining and Forest Conservation
22 Wildlife Management in the Forest Service
23 Post-War Development and the Forest Service
24 Forest Service: Agency in Transition

The line drawings illustrating the mini-histories are the work of Shauna J. Ellett, an accomplished wildlife artist of Nacogdoches, Texas. She earned her Bacheolor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Texas—Austin in 1980.

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Last Updated: 19-Mar-2008