History of Tahoe National Forest: 1840-1940
A Cultural Resources Overview History



CHAPTER I: Introduction

Purpose of the Historical Overview
Historical Perspectives on the Development of the Tahoe National Forest Region

CHAPTER II: The Environmental and Historical Context of the Tahoe National Forest Region

Physical Characteristics of the Area Encompassed by the Tahoe National Forest
Pre-Gold Rush History of the Northern Sierra Nevada Region
Gold Rush California, 1848-1849: A Regional Overview

CHAPTER III: The Era of Individual Enterprise: Mining and Settlement on Tahoe National Forest Lands, 1848-1859

Gold Mining in Tahoe National Forest, 1848-1859
Mining Settlement and Community Development
Supplying the Mines, 1848-1859
Logging and Agricultural Development

CHAPTER IV: Era of Development and Diversification, 1859-1906

The Mining Industry on the Forest
Transportation Within Tahoe National Forest
Logging Industry Within the Tahoe National Forest, 1859-1906
Agriculture in the Forest, 1859-1906
Other Pre-National Forest Industries

CHAPTER V: Era of National Forest Management, 1906-1940

Establishment of Tahoe Forest Reserve Tahoe National Forest
Administration of Tahoe National Forest Lands, 1906-1940
Logging on the Tahoe National Forest, 1906-1940
Mining on the Tahoe National Forest, 1906-1940
Water Development in the Tahoe National Forest, 1906-1940
Grazing on the Tahoe National Forest, 1906-1940
Recreation on the Tahoe National Forest, 1906-1940
Forest Service Recreational Developments
Other Forest Service Improvements

CHAPTER VI: Concluding Statements

CHAPTER VII: Research Problems and Directions

CHAPTER VIII: Management Recommendations

CHAPTER IX: Research Locations


1. The Miner's Sunday
2. A Sunday's Amusements
3. A Daily Pleasure
4. Occupation for Rainy Days
5. The Mountain Expressman
6. Residence and Farm of A. P. Chapman
7. "The Expressman Has Arrived"
8. Lodgings About 1855
9. Residence and Ranch of H. H. Kennedy, Goodyear's Bar, Sierra County, California
10. Hidden Treasure Mine, Sunny South, Placer County, California
11. Forty-Stamp Gold Mill
12. Cross-Section Forty-Stamp Gold Mill (Batea For Gold Mill)
13. Battery Frame
14. Schematic View, Malakoff Diggings, Ca. 1880
15. English (Rudyard) Dam
16. Omega Mine, Washington Ridge
17. Truckee Hotel
18. Bear Valley Mill, Towle Brothers, Dutch Flat
19. Kearsarge Mill, Towle Brothers, Dutch Flat
20. M. L. Marsh Ox-Teams and Barns
21. M. L. Marsh Sawmill
22. Gold Lake Ranger Station, Ca. 1922
23. Sierra Valley Ranger Station, 1915
24. Logging Engine
25. Steam Donkey
26. Steam Donkey Yarding, Ca. 1900
27. Railroad Logging Engine, Cars; Loader in Background
28. Auburn Ski Club C.C.C. Camp
29. Sattley C.C.C. Camp
30. Temporary Logging Structure
31. Fir Camp, Forest Hill; 1924. Fire Fighter's Payday

1. Tahoe National Forest
2. Ancient and Modern River System
3. Main Routes to the Gold Fields
4. Yuba Basin Mining Water Supply, 1850-53
5. Location of Gold Districts
6. Geologic Map of Sierra City and Johnsville Districts, Plumas Counties
7. Meadow Lake Mining District
8. North Bloomfield Area, Ca. 1875
9. Yuba Basin Hydraulic Mining Ditch System 1854-1884
10. Routes Across the Tahoe National Forest
11. Stagecoach Routes, 1902
12. Truckee Basin Logging Railroads (1868-1930)
13. Geologic Map of Alleghany District, Sierra County
14. P.G.& E. Facilities in the Yuba Basin, 1911
15. Tahoe National Forest - Cattle - 1915
16. Tahoe National Forest - Sheep - 1915
17. Tahoe National Forest - Grazing, 1939

1. Population by County
2. Ethnicity, Ca. 1852
3. Sierra County Sawmills
4. Cattle, 1860-1900
5. Sheep, 1860-1900
6. Placer Gold Production by Mining Type, T.N.F., 1937
7. Livestock Permitted on the Tahoe National Forest
8. Estimated Population within Tahoe National Forest Boundaries, 1850-1940

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