Visual Preferences of Travelers Along the Blue Ridge Parkway
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Gary Everhardt



1. Introduction
Francis P. Noe and William E. Hammitt

2. Visual and Management Preferences of Sightseers
William E. Hammitt

3. The Influence of Sociocultural Factors upon Scenic Preferences
Gary D. Hampe

4. Effects of Recreational and Environmental Values on Tourists' Scenic Preferences
Francis P. Noe

5. Visual Experiences of Sightseers
J. Douglas Wellman, Gregory J. Buhyoff, Nick R. Feimer and Michael R. Patsfall

6. The Use of Interpretation to Gain Visitor Acceptance of Vegetation Management
Robert H. Becker, F. Dominic Dottavio and Barbara L. McDonald

7. Historical Overview and Landscape Classification of Vistas and Rural Landscapes along the Blue Ridge Parkway
Richard C. Smardon, Timothy R. Day, James F. Palmer, Tad Redway and Lawrence Reichardt

8. Simulating and Evaluating Management Practices
James F. Palmer, Timothy R. Day, Richard C. Smardon, Tad Redway and Lawrence Reichardt

9. Management Considerations

Appendix A: Questionnaire Used for Vista Preference Study, 1982

Appendix B: Questionnaire Used for Vegetation Management Study, 1983

Index (omitted from the online edition)

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Visual preferences of travelers along the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Scientific monograph series; no. 18)
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1. Blue Ridge Parkway (Va. and N.C.)—Description and travel. 2. Landscape—Blue Ridge Parkway (Va. and N.C.). I. Noe, Francis P., 1939 II. Hammitt, William E. III. Series: National Park Service scientific monograph series; no. 18.
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ISBN 0-943475-00-7 (pbk.)

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