Fort Union
Administrative History
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Chapter 1: A Frontier Post

Chapter 2: From Ruins To A National Monument

Chapter 3: Rehabilitating and Preserving the Fort

Chapter 4: Interpretation and Visitation

Chapter 5: Natural Resources Management

Chapter 6: Human Threats To The Park

Chapter 7: In Retrospect



Appendix A: Legislation

Appendix B: Personnel

Appendix C: Visitation

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1. Region: Fort Union National Monument
2. Site Map: Fort Union National Monument
3. Officers' Quarters in 1875
4. Officers' Quarters, Post of Fort Union, in the 1870s
5. The Mechanic's Corral, Fort Union Depot, in 1866
6. By 1912 Officers' Quarters had already become ruins
7. Fort Union Hospital in 1939
8. In April 1959, the permanent visitor center was to be completed
9. In late 1956, the stabilization team first worked on the remaining chimneys
10. Carlos Lovato, Ike Trujillo, Benito Lucero, and Dionicio Ulibarri stabilizing the wall of the Commissary Warehouse, October 1958
11. Acting Chief Ranger T.J. Sperry and his wife Nicky Sperry doing daily interpretive activities in the summer of 1990
12. Acting Chief Ranger T.J. Sperry and Ranger Frank Torres were two key players during the 1991 living history program
13. Two employees stand before a fire cache in the 1982 fire drill
14. A Canada goose posed itself in front of the Officers' Quarters and hissed at visitors through most of the spring of 1984
15. In several cases, angry visitors who arrived just after the park's business hours bumped their cars against the locked gates to break into the park
16. On October 7, 1984, a man from Dalbart, Texas illegally landed a single-engine plane near the hospital ruins


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