The First Century




The Beginning Era of Concern About Natural Resources, 1873-1905

The Visionaries
Federal Involvement in Forestry
The Forest Reserve Act of 1891
The National Forest Commission of 1896
The Organic Act of 1897

The Early Forest Service Organization Era, 1905-1910

The Establishment of the Forest Service in July 1905
Land Frauds
New Forest Reserves
Forest Service Research

The Forest Protection or Custodial Management Era, 1910-1933

Forest Products Laboratory and Research
Recreational Developments
Railroad Land Grants
World War I and Aftermath
Timber Sales
Recreation and Wilderness

The Great Depression Era, 1933-1942

Civilian Conservation Corps
Shelterbelt Project
Timber Salvage of 1938
Smokejumping and National Defense

The War Years, 1942-1945

The Sustained-Yield Forest Management Act of 1944 and Sustained-Yield Units
Smokey Bear

The Postwar Development Era, 1946-1959

Timber Management
Research Builds
Forest Protection
New Specialists and Land
Recreation and Timber Demands

The Fully Managed, Multiple-Use Forest Era, 1960-1970

Multiple-Use Sustained-Yield Act of 1960
Work Programs
Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers Acts
Using Litigation To Settle Disputes With the Forest Service

The Environmentalism and Public Participation Era, 1970-1993

National Environmental Policy Act of 1969
Controversies Over Clearcutting
Youth Conservation Corps, Young Adult Conservation Corps, and Related Programs
National Forest Volunteers
Endangered Species Act of 1973
National Forest Planning
Internal Struggles
Owls and Other Wildlife
Yellowstone Fire in 1988
Development of Partnerships
International Forestry

Ecosystem Management and the Future Era, 1993-Present

Changes in the National Forests—Over 100 Years of Progress

Summary — 100 Years and More of National Forests

Further Reading

Chiefs of the Forest Service:

Gifford Pinchot—First Chief of the Forest Service, 1905-1910
Henry S. Graves—Second Chief, 1910-1920
William B. Greeley—Third Chief, 1920-1928
Robert Y. Stuart—Fourth Chief, 1928-1933
Ferdinand A. Silcox—Fifth Chief, 1933-1939
Earle H. Clapp—Sixth Chief, 1939-1943
Lyle F. Watts—Seventh Chief, 1943-1952
Richard E. McArdle—Eighth Chief, 1952-1962
Edward P. Cliff—Ninth Chief, 1962-1972
John R. McGuire—Tenth Chief, 1972-1979
R. Max Peterson—Eleventh Chief, 1979-1987
F. Dale Robertson—Twelfth Chief, 1987-1993
Jack Ward Thomas—Thirteenth Chief, 1993-1996
Mike Dombeck—Fourteenth Chief, 1997-2001
Dale N. Bosworth—Fifteenth Chief, 2001-present

Special Topics:

Arthur H. Carhart and the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness
Caribbean National Forest—First in the Western Hemisphere
Civilian Conservation Corps (1933-1942)
Clearcutting on the National Forests
Ecosystem Management
Forest Fires and Firefighting
Forest Products Laboratory—Madison, Wisconsin
Forest Service Badges and Patches
Forest Rangers
Grazing on the National Forests
Hallie M. Daggett—Woman Lookout
International Forestry
Aldo Leopold and "The Land Ethic"
Robert Marshall
Mining on the National Forests
John Muir
Multiple-Use Sustained-Yield Act of 1960
National Environmental Policy Act of 1969
National Forest Management Act of 1976
National Grasslands
Recreation on the National Forests
Research on the National Forests
Shelterbelt Program on the Great Plains
The Story of Smokey Bear
State and Private Forestry
Timber Harvesting From the National Forests
Tree Cutting Technology
Weeks Act of 1911
Wilderness Act and Howard Zahniser
Wildlife and the National Forests

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