Mesa Verde
Administrative History
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List of Illustrations

I. Deficiencies of the Park Bill

A. Boundary adjustment
B. Concession law

II. Launching of Park Operations

A. Under the Ute Indian Agency
B. Randolph's superintendency
C. A scandalous departure

III. Development of Services and Facilities (1908-21)

A. Roads and trails
   1. Access needs
   2. Wagon road and trails
   3. Morfield Road - automobile traffic
   4. Point Lookout roads
   5. Future roads
B. Ranger services
   1. First rangers
   2. Ranger station
C. Concession services and facilities
D. Improvement of water resources
   1. Scarcity of water
   2. Survey of water resources
E. Origin of the log-cabin museum

IV. Archeological Program (1908-22)

A. Spruce Tree House
B. Cliff Palace
C. Balcony House
D. Sun Temple
E. Oak Tree House - Daniel's House
F. Far View House
G. Square Tower
H. Earth Lodge A
I. Fire Temple
J. Cedar Tree Tower
K. Oak Tree House
L. Far View Tower
M. Painted Kiva House
N. Pipe Shrine House (Mummy Lake Group)
O. One Clan House (Mummy Lake Group)
P. Megalithic House (Mummy Lake Group)

V. Nusbaum's Crash Program (1921-31)

A. A needed change
B. Physical developments
   1. Buildings program
   2. Accommodations
   3. Aileen Nusbaum Hospital
C. Roads and Trails
   1. Road planning
   2. Knife Edge, trails
   3. North Entrance Highway
D. Water development
   1. A desperate need
   2. Catchment areas
   3. Well drilling
E. Archeological investigations
   1. Policy statement
   2. Discoveries
   3. Spruce Tree House
   4. Step House
   5. Fewkes, Cliff, Soda, and Long Canyons
   6. Moccasin Mesa
   7. Consulting archeologist
   8. Wetherill and Chapin Mesas
   9. Tree-ring chronology-Nusbaum on leave
F. Education and interpretation
   1. Museum development
      a. Mrs. Leviston's donation
      b. Construction problems
      c. Collections
   2. Interpretive development
G. Administration

VI. Mining Operations

A. Coal resources
B. Jordan-Jackson Mine
C. Todd Mine
D. McEwen-Walker Mine

VII. Grazing Operations

A. Early leases
B. End of grazing
C. New grazing threat

VIII. Park Emergency Activities (1931-42)

A. Civilian Conservation Corps
B. Educational program
C. New water development
   1. Sewage problem
   2. Health menace
   3. Jackson Gulch
   4. Reservoir Project
D. Road problems
E. Accommodations

IX. Wildlife Management

X. Ground Cover

A. Fire protection
B. Restoration

Ruin Repair and Stabilization Problems

A. Nature of the problems
B. Morris' guidelines
C. Cliff Palace and Spruce Tree House

XII. Archeological Research on Chapin Mesa (1931-56)

A. Discoveries - survey needs
B. Tree-ring chronology
C. Research program
   1. Pit House No. 1
   2. Pit Houses B and C (Site 60)
   3. Gila Pueblo excavations
   4. Sites 353 and 354
   5. Sun Point Pueblo
   6. Site 16
   7. Basket Maker III Pithouses
   8. Fire Temple Sites survey
   9. Site 80
   10. Site 391
   11. Kiva E - Far View House
   12. Site 52
   13. Sites 1030 and 1066
   14. Site 981
   15. Site 1060
   16. Navajo Hill area
University of Colorado excavations

XIII. Land Program

A. Land acquisition
B. Need to extend the park boundaries
C. Management agreement

XIV. Mission 66

XV. Wetherill Mesa Development

A. Joint undertaking
B. Scope of the program
C. General plan of work
D. Status of Wetherill Mesa development

XVI. University of Colorado Research Center

A. Research agreement
B. Chapin Mesa
   1. Salvage at Sites 1088 and 1086
   2. Salvage at Sites 1094 and 1095
   3. Site 1067
   4. Site 60
   5. Far View area
C. Wetherill Mesa
   1. Site 1104
   2. Site 1926
   3. Site 1107
   4. Site 1677 and 1925
   5. Mini-train route



Appendix A—Park Act of 1906
Appendix B—Early Museum Collections
Appendix C—Roster of Mesa Verde Superintendents
Appendix D—Total Park Travel (1906-1970)



Maps following the last illustration

Plate 1 Spruce Tree House before restoration.
Plate 2 Spruce Tree House after restoration.
Plate 3 Cliff Palace from the north, before restoration.
Plate 4 Cliff Palace from the north, after restoration.
Plate 5 Mug House before excavations.
Plate 6 Mug House looking north, after excavations.
Plate 7 Long House, west side, before excavations.
Plate 8 Long House, east end, after excavations.
Plate 9 Knife Edge Road.
Plate 10 Balcony House—entrance.

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