The Arkansas Post Story
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Chapter 1. French Colonization and Arkansas Post

Chapter 2. The Law Colony

Chapter 3. Trapping on the Arkansas

Chapter 4. Arkansas River, Trade Route

Chapter 5. A Permanent Garrison on the Arkansas

Chapter 6. War with the Chickasaw

Chapter 7. The Chickasaw Attack Arkansas Post

Chapter 8. Arkansas Post in the French and Indian War

Chapter 9. Louisiana as a Spanish Province

Chapter 10. Arkansas Post in the American Revolution

Chapter 11. Colbert's Raid

Chapter 12. Spain Attempts to Hold Louisiana

Chapter 13. Louisiana as an American Possession

Chapter 14. Arkansas Post, Territorial Capital

Chapter 15. Allen/Oden Duel

Chapter 16. The Territorial Capital Relocated

Chapter 17. Arkansas Post, Cotton Center

Chapter 18. Arkansas Post, Confederate Stronghold

Chapter 19. The Battle of Arkansas Post

Chapter 20. Demise of Arkansas Post

Chapter 21. Establishment of Arkansas Post National Memorial


Appendix 1: Commandants of Arkansas Post

Appendix 2: Descriptions and Locations of Arkansas Post

Endnotes for Appendix 2



Figure 1. Sauvage du nord ouest de la Louisiane

Figure 2. Bark houses

Figure 3. Henri de Tonti

Figure 4. La Salle exploring the Mississippi River

Figure 5. La Salle among the Quapaw

Figure 6. The location of De Tonti's post

Figure 7. Indian taking a scalp

Figure 8. The location of the John Law colony

Figure 9. Making a set

Figure 10. Preparing skins for market

Figure 11. Summer evening in a French village

Figure 12. A typical French house

Figure 13. An Indian Raid

Figure 14. The location of Arkansas Post in 1751

Figure 15. The location of Arkansas Post in 1756

Figure 16. Arkansas Post around 1767-1768

Figure 17. An Osage warrior

Figure 18. An Osage war party

Figure 19. The location of Arkansas Post in 1779

Figure 20. Arkansas Post and vicinity in 1779

Figure 21. Captain Josef Valliere

Figure 22. Fort San Esteban

Figure 23. Making a bundle of furs with a wedge press

Figure 24. A typical American farmer

Figure 25. James Miller, Arkansas' first territorial governor

Figure 26. Secretery of the territory, Robert Crittenden

Figure 27. Pioneer journalist, William Woodruff

Figure 28. Arkansas Post as the territorial capital

Figure 29. Transportation on the Arkansas River

Figure 30. A typical Mississippi River boat

Figure 31. Working on the plantation

Figure 32. A steamboat transporting cotton

Figure 33. Post of Arkansas

Figure 34. Brigadier General Thomas J. Churchill

Figure 35. Northern General John A. McClernand

Figure 36. Rear Admiral David D. Porter

Figure 37. The gunboat Baron de Kalb

Figure 38. Battle of Arkansas Post

Figure 39. Bombardment of Post of Arkansas

Figure 40. Federal troops storm Post of Arkansas

Figure 41. The three locations of Arkansas Post

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