Early Days in the Forest Service
Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4



Cover Photo: Elers Koch, Along Lewis and Clark Trail.

Volume 1


Table of Contents

Foreword by Evan W. Kelley

Stories By:

John C. Baird
O.C. Bradeen
Hartley A. Calkins
Albert E. Cole
Clyde P. Fickes
J.A. Fitzwater
A.E. Fly
Joseph B. Halm
Robert C. Henley
Robert L. Hess
Elers Koch*
David Lake
O.O. Lansdale
Frank F. Liebig
John W. Lowell
Fred Morrell
William W. Morris
Thomas G. Myers
Clarence B. Swim
J.N. Templer
Earl V. Welton
R.L. Woesner
E.A. Woods
E. Ross Young

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1. Big Hole Road, Bitterroot National Forest. Built 1914

2. Lick Creek Timber Sale, 1909, Bitterroot National Forest

3. Holland Peak Lookout, 1923, Flathead National Forest

4. Silver's Ranger Station, 1925, Nez Perce National Forest

5. Lunch at Meadow Creek, Flathead National Forest Left to right: Rangers Thol, Mendenhall, Hutchinson. Sometime in the 1920's.

6. Government team and Scaler's Cabin at Beadmore's Tunnel Camp 1923, Kaniksu National Forest. Howard Drake and Hank Ogsden in front seat.

7. Blackfeet National Forest Ranger meeting at Point of Rocks near Olney, Montana, April 4, 1910

8. Forest Service cabin constructed in June 1899 at Alta, Montana by Rangers Wilkerson and Tuttle.

9. Coram Ranger Station, 1908, Flathead National Forest

10. Ranger Bob Snyder and family at Graham Creek Ranger Station, Coeur d'Alene National Forest

Volume 2


Cover Photo: Northern Region Fire Warehouse, 240 West Pine, Missoula, Montana, about 1922.

Table of Contents

Stories By:

JACK CLACK (Retired 1933)
"A Trip Down the Flathead"

"Battle of Belton"

CLYDE P. FICKES (Retired 1948)
"Forest Ranger, 1907"

LEON C. HURTT (Retired 1951)
"Transportation, Then and Now"

DAVID LAKE (Retired 1940)
"Early Day Experiences"

"The Snowy Mountain Fire of 1900"

ROY A. PHILLIPS (Retired 1951)

G.I. PORTER (Retired 1942)
"The Major and the Miner"

"The Ranger's Wife"

"Reminiscences of G.I. Porter"

CHARLIE E. POWELL (Retired 1955)

"Fighting Forest Fires -- Then and Now"


K.D. SWAN (Retired 1941)
"Musselshell Reminiscences"

RYLE TEED (Retired 1952)
"Reminiscences of Early Days In The Forest Service"

C.S. WEBB (Retired 1914)
"Some Incidents Occuring During My Employment With The U.S. Forest Service, 1913-1949"

WALLACE W. WEBER (Retired 1949)
"Rafting the Flathead"


Index (omitted from the online edition)


1. Jack Clack, center, then deputy supervisor of Flathead National Forest, 1915, on the trail up the South Fork of the Flathead River in Montana.

2. First Prefire Ranger Meeting, Bitterroot-Idaho National Forest, 1907. Major Frank Fenn, Supervisor.

3. Old Store Building, 1927, Diamond City, Montana, Confederate Gulch. Helena National Forest.

4. Libby-Troy Road in Montana, 1915, Kootenai National Forest.

5. Gates Park Ranger Station, Lewis & Clark National Forest in Montana, 1925.

6. Sheep on their way to summer range, 1936, grazing at ghost town of Independence, near the head of Boulder River. Absaroka N.F., now Gallatin National Forest

7. Forest Supervisors meeting in Missoula, Montana, March 1925.

8. Mr. & Mrs. Louis W. Shelving on the doorstep of Valley Creek Ranger Station, Harding, South Dakota, 1938. Building was originally a log henhouse.

9. Abandoned silver mining town of Castle, Montana, Lewis and Clark National Forest, 1927. Deserted after silver depreciation of 1893.

10. Stockade used in defense against Indians, Big Hole Basin Montana, 1920. Beaverhead National Forest.

11. Fish Creek Ranger Station, Nezperce National Forest, 1925.

12. Big Creek Ranger Station, Gallatin National Forest, 1925.

13. Landing on Priest River, the end of the sleigh haul, 1923. Logs were driven in the spring to the mill. Kaniksu National Forest.

14. Adams Ranger Station, 1925, Nezperce National Forest.

15. Unloading from eight-wheel trucks, Neils Lumber Co., Libby, Montana. Kootenai National Forest, 1921.

16. Cinnamon Ranger Station, 1922, Gallatin National Forest.

Volume 3


Cover Photo: Cinnamon Ranger Station, Gallatin National Forest, 1922.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Boyd L. Rasmussen

Stories By:

Eva Ammen (Retired 1933)
"A Librarian's Report"

Albert N. Cockrell (Retired 1957)

Albert E. Cole (Retired 1935)

Albert J. Cramer (Retired 1955)
"Highlights of Employment with Forest Service," 1918-1955

E.H. "Smokey" Cunningham

L.W. Sevling
"Quotes from Custer National Forest Files"

Walter A. Donaldson (Retired 1944)

Lloyd V. Donally
"Tree Planting Experience on the St. Joe National Forest"

G.M. DeJarnette (Retired 1962)

Lewis E. Ewan (Retired 1950)

Eugene R. Grush (Retired 1952)
"Just Reminiscences"

Ralph L. Hand (Retired 1955)

Dean R. Harrington (Retired 1945)
"The Beginning of The U.S. Forest Service, as Harrington Remembers It"

George S. Haynes (Retired 1951)

David Lake (Retired 1940)
"Early Day Sawmilling in the Snowy Mountains"

Lewon L. Lake (Retired 1940)
"Hot Telephone Jobs"

Fred J. Neitzling
"Early History of the Flathead National Forest"

David S. Olson (Retired 1944)
"Fords Come Into the National Forests"

Charlie E. Powell (Retired 1955)

John F. Preston
"Early Days in the Forest Service"

Earl D. Sandvig (Retired 1959)
"Chips From the Years of Service in Region 1 (R-1)"

Charles S. Shaw
"Early Flathead Forest"

Ralph S. Space
"The 1919 Fires on the Clearwater National Forest"

Edward G. Stahl

L.M. "Locke" Stewart

Hollis Stritch

Clarence C. Strong (Retired 1957)
"Some Highlights of my Forestry Career"

K.D. Swan (Retired 1957)
"Reminiscences of the Dakota National Forest"

J.C. Urquhart (Retired 1957)
"Firefighting Experiences"

Mark O. Watkins (Retired 1955)

Clarence Westcott

Harold T. Wicklund
"The Bosworth Trencher"

K. Wolfe

George R. Wolstad

Index (omitted from the online edition)


1. Members of Regional Office Staff, 1913

2. Headquarters for Middle Fork Ranger District, April 1911

3. Cartoons

4. Timber Marking Group on Mill Creek, 1906, Absaroka Division Yellowstone Forest Reserve

5. Cartoons

6. Ranger Meeting, 1907, Deadwood, South Dakota

7. St. Joe Ranger Station Following Forest Fire of August 20, 1910

8. Crew of CCC Boys Planting Trees along Butler Creek, 1938

9. Cartoons

10. Sylvanite Ranger Station, Kootenai National Forest, A Few Years After 1910 Fire

11. Sylvanite Ranger Station, Kootenai National Forest, August 1923. Area behind building was burned over in the 1910 fire

12. Sylvanite Ranger Station in 1958

13. Iris' Lookout on Bonita Ranger District, Lolo National Forest

14. Old Gold Peak Lookout Tower on the Missoula National Forest (Now Lolo National Forest), August 22, 1920, the day the tower was condemned

15. Cartoons

16. Visitors at Remount Depot, 1937

17. Trail Rider Party in Sun River Primitive Area, 1935, Under Chinese Wall, Lewis & Clark National Forest

18. L.L. Lake Working on a Black Bear Rug

19. Early Day View of Savenac and New Seedbeds

20. Savenac Nursery, 1941

21. Cartoons

22. Cartoons

23. Note Written by Sutliff, August 1911

24. Clarence Sutliff and Pilot Dick Johnson Two Weeks Following Plane Crash

25. Forest Supervisors at Meeting in Missoula, January 1942

26. Kaniksu National Forest: Largest Load of Logs Ever Hauled in the West with Two Horse Team and Sleigh, January 21, 1922, Priest River, Idaho

27. Cartoons

28. Cedar Tree 17.4 Feet in Diameter in Clearwater Country (1953)

29. Mules Leaving the Remount Depot for a Fire, 1917

30. Cartoons

31. Wallace, Idaho, after 1910 Fire

32. Hall's Sawmill, Sioux National Forest, Custer County, Montana November 22, 1907

33. Trail Creek Sawmill, Gallatin National Forest, 1902

34. Cartoons

35. Cartoons

36. Western Larch and Western Yellow Pine Forest Reclaiming A Homestead, September 1930, Kootenai National Forest

Volume 4


Cover Photo: St. Mary's Lookout, Bitterroot National Forest, From Photo by Charles H. McDonald

Table of Contents

Preface by Steve Yurich


Stories By:

The Lookout by W.K. "Bill" Samsel

The Ranger in Charge by W.K. "Bill"

Thompson Falls, Montana by I.V. Anderson

Top Ranger, Diplomat, Judge, Jury and Advocate by I.V. Anderson

Chief Paul Charlo -- 4 Elk and 12 Deer by I.V. Anderson

"Never Become Beholden" by I.V. Anderson

A Smokechaser on Pot Mountain by Robert G. Elliott

The Decker Saddle by Clyde P. Fickes

Early Panhandle And Kootenai Years by Charles B. Hand

Backfire (Martin Creek And Peter King Fires) by L.A. Williams

Old Pioneer Rangers' Wives by Leon L. Lake

Lightening On Mount Emerine by Leon L. Lake

True, Mischievous, and Destructive Facts by Leon L. Lake

The Pinkham Creek Closure -- 1924 by Sam Billings

Timber Cruising on the Kaniksu by Sam Billings

Anecdotes and Fireline Philosophies by Ralph L. Hand

The Roundtop Telephone (Swan Song of a Dispatcher)

Selway Forest Fires of 1934 by C.B. Sutliff

Kootenai Forest Incidents -- 1940 by Ernie Richards

Civilian Conservation Corps In Operation by Carl A. Weholt

Letters to Folks Back Home -- 1929 by Wm. F. Guntermann

The CCC's As R-1 Forest Fire Fighters by Bert W. Morris

They Pioneered The Bitterroots by Carl A. Weholt As recounted by Lloyd Rupe

Tree Planting Projects On The St. Joe by Lloyd Donally

First Year In The Forest Service by Carl G. Krueger

The "Battle" On Bass Creek by Charles H. McDonald

Fire Crews Firefighting in 1941 by Berle E. Davis

The Modern Bulldozer, A Forest Service Project by Howard R. Jones

Indian Creek Ranger Station by Ralph L. Thayer

Early Snow in the Bitterroots by Ray S. Ferguson

The Grave on Pollack Hill by Lou Hartig

Other St. Joe National Forest History by Lloyd Donally Submitted by Ray L. Hilding

The Forest Service Heliograph by E. Clayton McCarty

A Cargo Plane Crashes by Jack Nash

Memories Of George Haynes and Honeysuckle Ranger Station by John F. Breakey

Evolution of the National Grasslands by Bernie Alt and Glenn Mueller

Mules of the Remount -- A Legend Is Born by Peyton Moncure

From the View Point of a Lookout (Poem) by Bernice Williamson

Early-Day Ranger in the Priest Lake Country by Henry A. Peterson

Index (omitted from the online edition)


1. Spotted Bear Lookout, Flathead National Forest, From 1923 Photo

2. St. Mary's Lookout, Bitterroot National Forest, From Photo by Charles H. McDonald

3. Nub Lookout, Clearwater National Forest, From 1924 Photo

4. Decker Pack Saddle, 1920, design/specifications drawing

5. Middle Sisters Mountain Lookout, St. Joe National Forest From 1950 Photo by W.B. Apgar

6. Chewelash Mountain Lookout Tower, Colville National Forest From 1950 Photo by W.E. Steverwald

7. Sheep Mountain Lookout, Clearwater National Forest From 1924 Photo

8. Blue Mountain Lookout, From 1958 Photo by J.E. Sanderson

9. Junction Mountain Lookout, Clearwater National Forest, From 1924 Photo

10. Map along Idaho-Montana line, Kelly Creek Ranger Station, Trojanowski's Grave, Clearwater River, North Fork Creek

11. Swan Hill or Mission Lookout, Flathead National Forest From 1923 Photo

12. Lookout Tree on Horse Butte Point, Gallatin National Forest From 1963 Photo by W.E. Steverwald

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