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Yosemite's natural beauty can be round in things big and small, from towering granite cliffs and giant sequoias to diminutive wildflowers. Varied conditions in four geographic areas—HIGH SIERRA, GRANITE CLIFFS, SEQUOIA GROVES, and VALLEY—make such diversity possible. Explore Yosemite's many facets, take in its many moods, and enjoy its views, sounds, and smells.

It is by far the grandest of all the special temples of Nature I was ever permitted to enter.

—John Muir


Smooth granite domes, craggy peaks, and spacious meadows embody the character of the High Sierra. Hundreds of miles of hiking trails offer adventure, solitude, and inspiration for those wishing to explore this glacially carved landscape and experience ever-changing mountain ecosystems.

Glaciers sculpted this landscape, plucking, scraping, and polishing as they moved down canyons. Their power shaped Lembert Dome, a roche moutonnée—French for "sheep rock." Cathedral Peak's knobby top, known as a nunatak, stood above the glaciers, escaping their force. As the climate warmed, glaciers melted, leaving huge "erratic" boulders stranded and sometimes precariously perched.

As the climate continues to change, life at high elevations is notably affected. Intolerant of heat, pikas are adapted to the high country's cool temperatures. They live in rock piles where they find shelter from predators and the heat of the summer sun. As the climate rapidly warms, the pika's habitat is shifting upward in elevation. Where will the pikas go when they run out of mountain?


The massive cliffs of Yosemite and Hetch Hetchy valleys challenge the body and mind, especially the inquisitive nature of human beings. When an 1868 Yosemite guidebook declared, "the summit of Half Dome will never be trodden by human foot," it was taken as a challenge. George Anderson reached the top in 1875. Countless others followed. One by one, adventurous men and women made other first ascents on sheer granite walls in Yosemite, changing the sport of climbing forever. The challenge of these cliffs continues to beckon climbers from around the world.

The very existence of great cliffs like Half Dome and El Capitan has inspired questions about how they came to be. American Indians tell of a woman and her husband who argued and fought. The displeased spirits changed them into stone, Half Dome and North Dome, forever to face each other across the Valley. How these cliffs were formed has challenged geologists for over 100 years. They think the granite of Yosemite's walls solidified over five miles underground. As the overlying rock eroded away, the granites rose to their current exposed level. Nature's dynamic forces continue sculpting this exposed rock.


Giant sequoias dwarf even the largest pine and fir trees that live among them. They are descendants of an ancient line of trees and can live for over two thousand years. Their trunks can reach over 25 feet thick! As symbols of longevity and strength, the giant sequoias played a major role in the creation of what is now Yosemite National Park. Throughout the National Park System, thousands of rangers wear uniform belts and hatbands embossed with images of the cones and foliage of these significant trees.

President Lincoln signed the bill that set aside the Mariposa Grove, along with scenic Yosemite Valley, in 1864. In the years following this action, a fire started in the grove, and we began a 100-year history of protecting these beloved trees from fire. While our intentions were good, we were contributing to the loss of what we cared about so much. Through research and experimentation we discovered that fire actually promotes reproduction of these giant trees. It clears away the competing firs and cedars and exposes bare mineral soil for the tiny seeds to take root.


"Everything is flowing," John Muir has written, "going somewhere, animals and so-called lifeless rocks as well as water." Most of the year, the Merced River flows peacefully through Yosemite Valley. Shrubs and deciduous trees enrich the riverbanks with green ribbons of life. Moist meadows give way to black oak trees that provide nutritious acorns to deer, bears, and woodpeckers, as they did for early Indian people. A flooding Merced, however, seems to shout "change" and reconfigures the handiwork of both nature and humans.

Spend time in Yosemite Valley and you will experience change. Whether it's the subtle daily changes in the flow of rivers and waterfalls, or the explosive makeover of a flood or 100-ton rockfall, nature undergoes constant transformation here. Water has played an important role in the geologic processes responsible for the stunning appearance of this "incomparable valley."

Yosemite Valley, with the Mariposa Grove, inspired the national park idea. The cliffs, waterfalls, wildlife, and beauty of this place continue to inspire people around the world.

Yosemite Valley, to me, is always a sunrise, a glitter of green and golden wonder in a vast edifice of stone and space.

—Ansel Adams, photographer

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Wild Yosemite

Congress has designated over three million acres of the Sierra Nevada for protection in the National Wilderness Preservation System. This includes 95 percent of Yosemite National Park, as well as the Emigrant Wilderness in Stanislaus National Forest, the Hoover Wilderness in Toiyabe-Humboldt and Inyo national forests, and the Ansel Adams Wilderness in Sierra and Inyo national forests. Wilderness is meant to protect forever the land's natural conditions, opportunities for solitude and primitive recreation, and scientific, educational, and historical values. In wilderness, people can sense being a part of the whole community of life on Earth.

Rivers and waterfalls are beautiful but treacherous, especially in spring and early summer when water is high. Be alert for undercut banks and slippery rocks. Fast currents and cold water are a deadly combination. Don't swim above waterfalls or in swift water. Keep children in sight.

This is bear country. Keep bears wild by keeping your food from them, day and night. Keep food within arm's reach, or in a food locker, bear-resistant canister, or hard-sided hotel room. Food may not be left in cars after dark. Speeding cars hit about 15 bears each year! You may not see a bear, but you can protect bears by following food storage regulations and driving slowly.

Keep wildlife wild. Respect Yosemite's wild animals at a distance, never feed or approach them. Animals that get human food may lose their fear of people and become dangerous. Approaching wildlife or allowing them to get your food may result in a fine of up to $5,000.

Mountain lions live here. Do not let children run ahead or lag behind alone on trails. If you see a mountain lion, do not run or crouch down. Instead shout, wave, and throw stones. Pick up children so that they look larger. Attacks are rare, but if you are attacked, fight back.

Smoke and fire, like wind and waterfalls, are parts of this park's natural environment. Mornings can be smoky and unhealthy when fires are burning. Ask about and avoid fire areas if you have asthma or other sensitivities to smoke.

Please respect this park's 9,000 years of human history. It is illegal to damage, deface, or remove any cultural or historic artifacts from federal lands. Metal detecting is not allowed.

Visting Yosemite Wilderness on Foot Free wilderness permits are required year-round for all overnight trips into Yosemite Wilderness. Natural areas present hazards. You are responsible for your safety. Be prepared for rapidly-changing weather conditions.

Yosemite Basics

Visiting Yosemite National Park by Road Some roads may be closed or have detours or delays. You can drive your care in Yosemite, but we urge you to use the free shuttle buses in some areas. See Yosemite Guide for shuttle schedules and maps plus important information on safety and accessibility, a programs and activities calendar, visitor center and museum hours, bookstores, galleries, other facilities and services, and general park information.

Reservations are not required for you to enter Yosemite, but you need them for lodging and most campgrounds. Entrance fees are charged. Snow closes some areas to cars in winter.

Accessibility We strive to make our facilities, services, and programs accessible to all. For information go to a visitor center, ask a ranger, call, or check our website.

Emergencies call 911

Source: NPS Brochure (2019)

Heinrich Berann Panorama
Heinrich Berann


Yosemite Grant — June 30, 1864
Yosemite National Park — October 1, 1890
Yosemite Wilderness (93% of the park) — September 28, 1984
World Heritage Site — October 31, 1984

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Sierra Nevada Network River Hydrology Monitoring Protocol: Narrative Version 1.0 NPS Natural Resource Report NPS/SIEN/NRR-2017/1518 (Jennie Skancke, Andrea Heard, Leslie Chow and Alice Chung-MacCoubrey, September 2017)

Sierra Nevada Network White Pine Monitoring

Sierra Nevada Network White Pine Community Dynamics: 2011 Annual Monitoring Report — Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (SEKI) and Yosemite National Park (YOSE) NPS Natural Resource Data Series NPS/SIEN/NRDS-2012/405 (Devin S. Stucki, Shawn T. McKinney and Jonathan C.B. Nesmith, November 2012)

Sierra Nevada Network White Pine Monitoring: 2013 Annual Report NPS Natural Resource Data Series NPS/SIEN/NRDS-2014/678 (Jonathan C.B. Nesmith, July 2014)

Sierra Nevada Network White Pine Monitoring: 2014 Annual Report NPS Natural Resource Data Series NPS/SIEN/NRDS-2015/761 (Jonathan C.B. Nesmith, February 2015)

Sierra Nevada Network White Pine Monitoring: 2015 Annual Report NPS Natural Resource Data Series NPS/SIEN/NRDS-2017/1141 (Jonathan C.B. Nesmith, December 2017)

Sierra Nevada Network White Pine Monitoring: 2016 Annual Report NPS Natural Resource Data Series NPS/SIEN/NRDS-2018/1150 (Jonathan C.B. Nesmith, February 2018)

Sierra Nevada Network White Pine Monitoring: 2017 Annual Report NPS Natural Resource Data Series NPS/SIEN/NRDS-2018/1194 (Johnathan C.B. Nesmith, November 2018)

Sierra Nevada Network White Pine Monitoring: 2019 Annual Report NPS Natural Resource Data Series NPS/SIEN/NRDS-2021/1330 (Johnathan C.B. Nesmith, June 2021)

Sign Planning & Implementation Guidelines, Yosemite National Park (Meeker & Associates, Inc., June 20, 1998)

Sign Study, Final Report-Stage C: Sign System Design & Schematic Details,Yosemite National Park (Meeker & Associates, Inc., September 7, 1994)

Sketch of Yosemite National Park and an Account of the Origin of the Yosemite and Hetch Hetchy Valleys (HTML edition) (F.E. Matthes, 1912)

Soil Survey of Yosemite National Park, California NPS TIC# D-1651 (2007)

Special Report on a Wildlife Study of the High Sierra in Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks and Adjacent Territory (E. Lowell Sumner, Jr., 1936)

Special Status Vascular Plant Surveys and Habitat Modeling in Yosemite National Park, 2003–2004 NPS Natural Resource Technical Report NPS/SIEN/NRTR—2010/389 (Peggy E. Moore, Alison E. L. Colwell and Charlotte L. Coulter, October 2010)

Status of White Pines Across Five Western National Park Units: Initial Assessment of Stand Structure and Condition NPS Natural Resource Report NPS/KLMN/NRR—2021/2232 (Matthew J. Reilly, Jonathan C. B. Nesmith, Sean B. Smith, Devin S. Stucki and Erik S. Jules, February 2021)

Summary of SEKI-YOSE Sequoia-Mixed Conifer Prescribed Fire Workshop (March 1986)

Superintendent's Annual Reports: 1914, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941

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The Mission 66 Mission: Evaluating and Rehabilitating Yosemite's Midcentury Modernist Park Buildings (Kitty Vieth, Architectural Resources Group, February 14, 2018)

The Plant Communities of Yosemite Valley—A Map and Descriptive Key NPS Natural Resource Technical Report NPS/WRUC/NRTR-94/01 (Lisa Nemzer Acree, May 1994)

The Road Inventory of Yosemite National Park (December 1999)

The Secret of the Big Trees: Yosemite, Sequoia and General Grant National Parks (HTML edition) (Ellsworth Huntington, 1921)

The Stoneman Meadow Riots and Law Enforcement in Yosemite National Park (Michael Childers, extract from Forest History Today, Spring 2017)

The Tioga Road: A History, 1883-1961 (Keith A. Trexler, 1975)

The Workbook: Yosemite Master Plan, Guidelines for the Design of Alternatives (October 1975)

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The Yosemite and the Mariposa Grove: A Preliminary Report, 1865 (Frederick Law Olmsted, 1865)

Topographic Map: Yosemite National Park & Vicinity, CA Scale: 1:125,000 (USGS, 1988)

Topographic Map: Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, CA Scale: 1:24,000 (USGS, 1995)

Tungsten deposits near Dorothy Lake, Yosemite National Park, Tuolomne County, California USGS Open-File Report 43-88 (D.M. Lemmon, P.C. Bateman, H.R. Stagner and M.E. Beatty, 1942)

Vascular Plant Inventory for Yosemite National Park NPS Natural Resource Technical Report NPS/SIEN/NRTR—2011/427 (Peggy E. Moore and Brent E. Johnson, February 2011)

Visitor Study, Yosemite National Park, Summer 2009 Visitor Services Project Report 215 (Ariel Blotkamp, Bret Meldrum, Wayde Morse and Steven J. Hollenhorst, April 2010)

Visitor Vehicle Emissions Study: Yosemite National Park Final Report (January 2005)

Visitors' Perspectives toward Transportation Issues in Yosemite National Park Final Technical Report (Dave D. White and Jessica F. Aquino, June 2008)

"Wawona's Lost Garden" Buffalo Soldier Arboretum Restoration Feasibility Study (Charles Palmer, Robin Pam and Brenda Hanley, 2008)

Wilderness Fire Management in Yosemite National Park (Jan W. van Wagtendonk, undated)

Wilderness Management Plan, Yosemite National Park (1989)

Wilderness Postcards, Yosemite National Park (undated)

Wildlife Condition Assessment for the Merced River Corridor in Yosemite Valley (Travis Espinoza, Lindsay Cline, Sarah Stock, Heather McKenny and Andrew Steele, June 2011)

Yosemite: Saga of a Century 1864-1964 (June 1965)

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Yosemite: The Park and its Resources: A History of the Discovery, Management, and Physical Development of Yosemite National Park, California / Historic Resource Study, Volume 1: Historical Narrative (Linda Wedel Greene, September 1987)

Yosemite: The Park and its Resources: A History of the Discovery, Management, and Physical Development of Yosemite National Park, California / Historic Resource Study, Volume 2: Historical Narrative (Linda Wedel Greene, September 1987)

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Yosemite Valley: A Vision for the Twenty-First Century — An Overview of the Draft Yosemite Valley Implementation Plan (1997)

For an extensive collection of materials pertaining to Yosemite National Park, please consult the excellent Yosemite Online Website.

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